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Alumni's words
“I support this plan, which may unite everybody, enhance our connection, strengthen friendship and cooperation. ” Professor Zhihong Xu (Academician, CAS)
“I will contribute my efforts. ” Professor Jiayang Li (Academician, CAS) 
“An excellent idea!”  Professor Yongbiao Xue (Director of Institute of Genetics and Developent, CAS)
“衷心祝愿CCJC成为中英科学家联系交流的纽带,研究创新的平台! ” --黄大昉(原中国农科院生物技术研究所所长)
“非常支持成立CCJC的建议,愿她成为中英生命科学友好合作的桥梁” --曹晓风(中科院遗传所研究员,The Plant Cell 中方编委)
“好主意,要大力支持!”    --瞿礼嘉(北京大学蛋白质工程及植物基因工程国家重点实验室 副主任)
“祝愿CCJC中外科学家团体,齐心协力,共同为科学作出卓越的贡献。”  --舒惠国(原人事部副部长)
“It is great to have such a website and I look forward to seeing it. I am really interested to read the exciting stories which will give me inspirations for returning China too.”  Yiguo Hong (Honorary Professor, University of Warwick)
“Looking forward to the JIC 2nd getting together party.”  Fasong Zhou
“Creation is fun, recreation is more fun, wish ccjc more creative! ” --CCJC Alumni 
"If every body contributes little bite, thing could be big different. Hope we can do something."  Huanting Liu
"Let all who love science, not for living, feel helpful and powerful under this big umbrella"  --CCJC Alumni
"Wish CCJC all the best for the coming year."  Peter M. Gresshoff (Director of Integrative Legume Research, Australia)

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